Monday, April 12, 2010

About a Goose

I have a velcro goose. You know how some people have "velcro dogs" that are attached to them? Well, I have a goose. His name is Chowder and he's an African goose like the one in the LOL above. I hand-raised him from a chick and it's safe to say he's imprinted on me.

And he's lonely.

Chowder has two ladies for companionship, Panini and Ceviche, but both girls are broody--for the non-poultry addict out there, this means that they are sitting on their nests trying to hatch eggs and rarely step off. During the breeding season, life was a constant pool party. There was more "happy time" going on in my pond than teens on spring break. Life was good for the Chowder.

Oh, what a difference a month makes. Now his girls are broody and the good times have come to an end. He wanders the farm, lonely and calling. Chowder needs his Mama and that means me.

I can't do anything without a goose following me and "assisting." You think cats help out in the house? This guy is into everything and have you heard the phrase "like poop through a goose." I have goose poop everywhere around my house including the garage. He's learned that I come out that door and now he waits there. Pitifully. Honking and crying. He's learned to knock on the door too. Eventually I get fed up and come out to comfort him and feed him apples. Men of all species are the same. Let a woman reject them and it's back to Mama for food and hugs.

Don't feel too badly for him. I posted previously about the snake stealing Panini's eggs, but I just hatched three goslings in my incubator. Geese are devoted parents and easily adopt any babies offered to them. I about a week Sushi, Truffles, and Schnitzel will meet their new parents.

Then maybe I can walk into my garge without looking where I step.


Kim said...

I get the funniest images of this goose knocking on the door and getting louder until you answer, then following you all over the place like, "Whatcha doin' now? How about now? And now? How about now?"


Lori A. Basiewicz said...

Animals are amazing.