Thursday, April 1, 2010

Typical day at the B Square Ranch. Yes, my little pretend farm is really called the B Square. I'll explan some day.

Anyway: get up,
dress children,
feed animals,
turn eggs in the incubator,
kill snake that is threatening broody goose,
tromp around an excavation site to check for environmental law compliance,
plead a bunch of cases out over the phone,
get car inspected,
hase goat that is eating rose bushes,
gather eggs,
kick naughty rooster that goes after my leg,
remind cranky gander I am bigger and meaner,
scratch donkeys,
check for email from editor,
run amok at website because it is after all April Fools
eat leftovers,
feed children leftovers,
check homework,
despair of the next generation,
update blog,

Whew. I think that takes me current.


Yes, I said kill snake. It was super creepy. I'm not bugged by much, and I prefer to let snakes live. They are beneficial. But this sucker was HUGE and he was bold enough to attack my brodding goose Ceviche for her eggs!

I heard my girl hissing and hissing and she is usually a happy, contented girl on her nest. I pretty much looked like the cat above when I saw it. Now I know what has been happening to the eggs in my dog house. See, the dog house is my chickens' favorite place to lay their eggs. They have lovely nestboxes, but they will literally stand in line for a chance to get into the big plastic dog house.

It's sort of like one of those clubs that has watered drinks and long lines and plastic technomusic, but people will gladly hand over their case for covers just to get in and be seen. yeah. It's the cool hang out.

I notice some publishers are like that. These publishers become flavor of the month and suddenly it's cool to have a book with them. Yup. Writers are just like chickens.

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