Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I haz a blog?

O how could I have forgotten?

Okay, almost a year later, I'm back. I've been through alot of upheaval in the last year. Health issues sidelined by computer time. It wasn't my health, but my husband had multiple surgeries and my mother became very ill and passed away last summer.

But I'm back to blogging in a mild sort of way.

Let's see, last time I was about to go camping. Hmmm--the more life changes the more it stays the same. I just got back from camping. It was a really productive trip too. I wrote an outline for a new novel and completed the contract for my last one. I'll have details soon for Compromising Prudence!

I still refuse to twitter and facebook and I know that blogging is passe, but I write historical romances and mysteries! My whole life is passe!

Anyway, I hope for my blogging to again be a regular thing! At least if the furry overlords will let me out again!