Friday, June 27, 2008

Are we there yet???

Goals! I has them! And I've failed. I wanted to be sending queries today. Instead, I'm rewriting the opening to my novel yet again. Everyone agrees that by chapter two, my book is rolling along and they're hooked. But agents and readers are less forgiving than my beta club. They won't give me until chapter two. I have to hook them right off the bat and for some reason that boffo opening has eluded me.

Just so you know how frustrated I am, I finished this novel in November. NOVEMBER!!!
To be fair, I haven't worked on it continuously since then. I put it aside until February and then rewrote it. Then I put it aside again. I've rewritten it two more times based on feedback and everyone agrees that it's really good now. Except of course for the beginning.

Why are beginnings so hard? They should be fresh and wonderful. All possibilities for the story exist. I love writing beginnings to my short stories. Why is this one so hard?

Well, I'm off to work on it again. I've redone the first three pages and I have four people reading them. Once more into the breach, dear friend!

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Anonymous said...

I chuckled at this LOLcat, but you made Mrs. Unfocused laugh out loud, which is pretty hard to do.

-- Unfocused Me