Saturday, April 3, 2010

When Trees Attack!

Well, my son's youngest doe tried to climb a tree yesterday. Didn't go so well for her actually. She got stuck.

Okay, backing up in time. I'm upstairs typing away on the outline for my new book. I had an awesome idea for a scene and wanted to get it all down before I forgot. Aren't you proud of me? So, I'm working away and the dogs are barking and whining. I make my husband pause the T.V. so we can listen. He thinks I'm nuts because our dogs bark at the wind, but I knew that it didn't sound right.

My son thinks so too and goes out to check. he comes back in to announce that "Penny has her foot stuck in a tree and she's making this baaing sound." Husband curses a bit about goats and puts on his boots. I decide they might need my help and wander out with them.

Oh. Em. Gee.

I think she took a year off my life! Penny is hanging, HANGING, from the tree with her head just limp at an odd angle. She looks dead.

Heart pounding, I run out there to her. Her foot isn't just stuck, it is completely wedged and she's panting and making choking noises.

It took all three of us and a can of Pam non-stick spray to get her out safely. I was worried about her foot, but she limped for a day and has recovered from the shock. I did NOT allow her into that same pasture today. But I did catch her trying to...

You guessed it.

Trying to climb a tree.

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