Monday, November 17, 2008

Time to kill somebody

No, don't worry. This isn't one of those "mary goes off the rails" moments. I meant in my WIP. I hadn't really planned on more than one death (except the murderer who will meet a bad end) but I think I'm heading toward another dead body. My heroine has inadvertantly pissed off the killer and put herself in harm's way. I think the murderer will make an attempt on her life and kill the wrong person.

I was afraid I had made a bad move and resolved some of my conflict far too early, but I think this just might redeem it. I was losing my sense of danger to the protagonists. This should do nicely. Nothing like someone who wants to kill you to heighten the tension.

Then again, I don't want to rely on cheap plot devices to manufacture tension. Oh hey, story getting stale, time to kill someone again. It has to feel organic and necessary to the plot. I think it is. The killer has framed my protagonist for the murder. Now she's going to try and fake her suicide. Too bad she doesn't know my gal doesn't like chocolates and will hand off the poisoned present to someone else.



AC said...

More dead bodies--woo hoo! Just kidding. But not really. Whether it's a plot device or not, it works! I'd be scared to death if someone died from eating something meant for me. I guess the only thing is that poisoned food is not the most expiditious way to kill someone, but then murderers aren't always the sharpest knives in the drawer. Plus it's a murder mystery, so we readers want inventive murders ;)

Mary B said...

The chocolates are poisoned with laudnum. The murderer has a fake suicide note all ready to go. Oh noes! Too bad, so sad.

Guess that means the killer will have to be a little more direct.

And the first murder is a poisoning. That's what this killer does.

Oooh, my verification word is "trolluda" LOL!

Anonymous said...


I love it. Death by Chocolate- literally.

Plus, it also adds a whole bunch of emotional baggage for your heroine if she does in fact give it to somebody else.

Just one thought, though. If a lady was going to kill herself by overdosing on laudanum, she could easily buy a bunch in pill form that were available over the counter back then. If the killer wants to make it look like suicide- wouldn't the cops wonder why the victim took the time to fill chocolates with the stuff?

Maybe just send the chocolates as a present for the heroine (without the fake suicide note)?

Just a thought of mine. Ignore as you see fit. :)

Mary B said...

Ah, she sends the chocolates anonymously. She doesn't employ the suicide note, but hangs onto it. They are at a house party and she thinks that Calandra (MC) will eat chocolates and die during the night. Then she wants to plant the suicide note. It won't work out that way of course. The fake note will only be found much, much later.

Anonymous said...

Ah, okay!

I *so* want to read this!

Mary B said...

You'll definitely get the chance!

Kim said...

Yes, me too, also. Want to read. Now.

It sounds fantabulous (I hate that word, but it soooo seems to fit here)!

heh heh - my word verification is dierage. Die. Rage - frickin' ossum! =)

Jen said...

Add me to the clamoring to read this, Mary.

Sounds like a ton of fun, and I loved the other book of yours I read.

Pwease??? I'd say with chocolate on top, but yanno...maybe sprinkles or a cherry or something? :)

Mary B said...

:adds to list of readers: