Thursday, November 27, 2008

La La La! I can't hear you!

So, I'm fighting the derail in my story right now. I've been hit with the new project bug, a shiny new virus determined to suck away productivity from my current WIP. It beckons to me with seductive new characters ripe with promise and free from the taint of convoluted subplots and unexpected plot twists. It won't hurt at all. Sooooooooooo easy to give in.

No! I must fight it! I must not allow the infection to take hold. There is no antibiotic, but I've done what I can to plump up my immune system. I've outlined the new story in order to purge it from my system. It has not been effective.

This isn't the first new product virus to attempt invasion during NaNo, but it has been the most successful. The characters whisper to me in my dreams. I picture them as I'm shopping in the grocery store. They pursue me with shamless intensity.

But I shall prevail. I have a new strategy. This is my carrot, my reward for finishing this novel. When I am done with Death by Scandal, I'm allowed to write the Ruination of Prudence. (And give it a better name too.)

How about you? Other projects trying to get a little me time and steal your attention? How do you fight them?


Sassee B said...

How do I fight it?

I don't.

Hee! I know that was so helpful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary,

Ugh. Don't remind me. That's why my current novel has taken so long. I chased every shiny thing in sight. I finally had to put a sledgehammer down.

And you must finish Death by Scandal. You got me interested in it!! So now you have no choice. Future fans await...

Mary B said...

Sassee: Rotten rabbit.

Gypsy: Thanks! I will definitely finish. I just hope I can keep Prudence from yammering in my ear until I'm done. How goes your ghost story?

Jen said...

Hah. I have a hard time fighting that myself, to be honest. That's one of the reasons I have so many unfinished novels gathering dust on my hard drive.

Don't succumb! Finish the NaNo, then you can proceed to the new shiny!

Uh, I can kick you periodically, if that helps. Or I can try bribing you with virtual chocolates or LOLcats. Will that help? :D

Mary B said...

All kicks and bribes gratefully endured and accepted. :D


Ruth Cooke said...

Go, Mary, go! I expect you to cross the finish line Sunday as you've said you would. I'll be there to cheer you on.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary,

Ghost story-Nano Draft is done. Now the revision begins!

Have my fingers crossed as I wait for you to cross the NaNo finishing line.

Marian said...

The Ruination of Prudence is something I would definitely pick up in a store, if only to see how Prudence was ruined. Ravishment? Illegitimate child? Demon Rumm? Lost her family's ancestral home on a wager? :)

So, how was she ruined? You've made me curious!

Mary B said...

Prudence is ruined the old fashioned way, by a man. She deliberately lets herself be caught in a compromising positon with a duke's heir because then he has to marry her to make it right. Right? Except he won't. So she's up the proverbial creek and is royally pissed that she didn't even get to really do something naughty. Ruined without the fun? Since she is now persona non grata to the ton, she might as well have a good time. ;)