Friday, September 5, 2008

I can haz do over?


I suck at them.

There is no nice, sugar-coated way to say it.

It is a propostion universally accepted that a Soccer Mom in possession of a novel needs a better beginning. Or something like that.

I know all the wisdom about how to make a great beginning and yet I fumble them time and time again. I just looked at my WIP (I know. I know. Never look down. Too late. Dammit.) and realized that that I must have five pages of people talking and dancing. Dancing. And talking.


I don't kill anyone until like page 30. I'm thinking this needs a lot of work. I should plow on, but I have some ideas.

Cover me. I'm going in.


C A said...

Slacker! I kill thousands in the first 10 pages, including most my MCs family. :)

If ya wanna trade first chapters, shoot me an email. Mine's very uncooperative as well!

Mary B said...

I'll do that, except I just got an awesome new idea. :happy dance: I'm gonna try writing that scene and see how it goes.

Kim said...

Ack - I usually don't kill anyone, when I do, it's almost never in the beginning.

Hmm.... maybe I need to rethink this and just wipe out as many people as possible by page 5 ;)