Thursday, September 11, 2008

Full of Awesome

I have a lot to rant about. Something (we're thinking opossum) has killed all my pet ducks. My queries have stalled. My writing has stalled. My work schedule for the next two weeks is grinding me to a nub. My insomnia is back and I've probably only slept three hours in the last two day.

Now I'm done. Yup. No long SpongeBob Rantypants style posts today. Today I'm going to focus on the fact that I'm here and alive able to hug my children. I'm married to a nice man who tolerates my eccentricity. I live in a lovely little town with a great school district. Both my children are healthy. My parents live close by and I see them every day.

I have a house filled with love and toys and lots of animal companions. This morning I woke up, hugged both my boys and trudged downstairs for coffee. My elderly dog who has been with me for 15 years padded over, tail wagging. I ate chocolate with my coffee and read a romance novel until it was time to get the kids dressed for school. There was no traffic on the way to school. The weather this morning is cool and lovely. We need the rain with which the hurricanes have thoughtfully drenched us.

I had plenty of hot water for my shower. Clean, comfortable clothes for work were hanging in my closet. There was no heavy traffic on my way into work. All my morning cases were resolved in my favor. I get paid on friday.

My neice is four this weekend and saturday will be a huge family party (Barbie themed of course). Everyone will be there and my sister will have double the amount of food required to feed us all. We'll sit around watching the kids play and keep careful eyes on the college football scores.

Amazon just shipped me the order I placed with all the gift certificates I got for my birthday last month. I should have about 10 new novels to read this weekend. I intend to spend Saturday night (and perhaps all night if I still can't sleep) sipping hot tea (decaf) and nibbling on ginger snaps while devouring my new books.

My life if full of win and awesome and on this anniversary of the day so many people lost their lives, I'm going to celebrate it. I'd like to pretend that I won't return to my whiny ways tomorrow, but the truth is that I'm funnier when I snark and I like to rant.

Just not today.


C A said...

I'm sorry about your duckies, but that was a very nice post.

I hope the possum finds his food elsewhere (or otherwise joins the food chain).

Have a good day :)

Kim said...

Poor duckies... but great post - it pretty much sums up my yesterday as well. A little reflection and a lot of hugs and stuff!

Melanie Avila said...

I like this post. I agree that I like your snarkiness (I'm the same way) but it's important to remember the good things too. :)