Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Soccer Mom and the Sea

Well, I'm back. The cruise was good fun (no thanks to that bitch Dolly). How was the weather? Let me tell you all about it. The first part of my trip sucked. Sucked, sucked, sucked. Ten foot waves. I'll repeat that so you know it wasn't a typo. Ten. Foot. Waves. Seriously. They kept men with buckets and mops scurrying around to clean up all the puke.

People took to their cabins and hid for the first two days. The pools and decks were closed due to the hazards and it rained and stormed. Fortunately my family proved to be good little sailors (I was the only one who got queasy and some dramamine and rum fixed that nicely). Suffice to say that this was not my image of a "fun day at sea" as promised in the brochures, but once we got to closer to Mexico, the weather cleared.

Actually, it was rather exciting to sit and watch the stormy seas. I discovered a new place to write. All along the upper decks were enormous glas windows with huge padded window seats. Across the deck was a coffee bar with amazing mochachinos. Bliss! I'm still processing all the writing I did on the trip. Wow. If I had my very own personal cruise ship, I bet I could write a book a month. You know, assuming the crew tended to my every need: cleaned my cabin, fed me gourmet food, plied me with alcohol and caffiene, etc...

So how did going naked turn out? Fabulous. I loved it. I had so much fun perching on deck at night (when the weather improved) or in the window seats that I almost didn't want to go ashore for the excursions. It was that lovely.

Now I'm wondering if I could write a mystery set aboard a cruise ship. I'm sure it has been done, but it's a lovely contained setting. Glamour! Intrigue! Shuffleboard! The possibilities are endless. Maybe I could even claim the cruise on my taxes. Research, right? K mebbe not.

Anyway, the vacation was amazing and the writing was good. Now if you will excuse me, I have a notebook to go type up.


Sassee B said...

Sounds like fun! Yes, even the ten foot waves. Would have given me novel fodder ;) I'm so jealous though... next time you go let us know so I can stow away in your luggage!

Anonymous said...

I seriously thought you found a nude crise trip. Lol!

Glad you got some writing done and stop by and see me,