Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fuzzy Yellow Overlords

Yes, I am still ruled by ducks and particularly an inept and hopeless little duckling. Flopsy still can't walk. But he's just as perky and determined as ever. Add to my worries that I'm leaving for 10 next saturday which means I'll have to persuade my crusty old farmer father to come over and hand feed a duckling 3 times a day. But Dad is a sucker for an underdog and hopefully in this case an underduck.

Back to the writing. Yesterday was awesome. My story again caught fire and it was so much fun. Writing is like dating and I was afraid that I had already passed from the first blush of infatuation into the dreaded routine, but--Ah sweet majesty of life! Love for my characters again took hold and romance has bloomed anew. In other words, I worked out my plot kinks and off we go!

Queries? I'm done for now. I'll let these come back to me and see if I get any feedback.

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