Saturday, April 18, 2009

Show Me Where it Hurts

Ow! Ow! Ow!

I'm having one of those chapters. You know the ones I mean. I've been stuck for days and I keep writing and deleting and rewriting and redeleting. Finally, I'm just plowing on through the suckitude until I get to the good stuff again.

Why does this happen? Is it just a part that I haven't thought through carefully enough? Am I missing a step? Is my brain just not turned on? What?

What I have learned is that the only thing for it is to keep going. Sometimes I look back and have trouble spotting where it was painful to write. It may have felt bad at the time, but was actually productive and not too sucky. Other times I reread and wonder if someone slipped crack into my coffee when I wasn't looking. Yowza.

This all seems to happen most often in transitions. I'm at point A. Dramatic major plot event has just occured and in the aftermath, I need to be at point B. Getting there equals headaches from pulling my hair. That's what has happened this time. I'm just going to skim ahead and get myself to point B. I check back later and see if the journey makes sense or if I'm destined for a major rewrite.

I'm betting on rewrite.


Anonymous said...


I can totally sympathize. I just spent three hair-pulling days revising Chapter 8.

Keep going! You can do it. :)

Mary B said...

Thanks Gypsy! They were the most awful 1K ever, but I plowed through last night. Now I'm at a part where the going seems easier. Whew!