Saturday, December 6, 2008

My yearly public service announcement.

Don't ever do this:

Seven Different Flavors of Crazy

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the person who tried this thought they were terribly clever.

Thanks for the laugh, Mary.

Kim said...

That's a new one - and I'll bet someone, somewhere, just had a light bulb (obviously a 25 watt bulb, or maybe a Christmas tree bulb) go off over their head. And somewhere, another unsuspecting agent is going to be targeted...

Marian said...

Love the lolcat picture!

I also read on December Quinn's blog that another hopeful writer got all her friends to spam an editor (presumably with words of praise about her manuscript).

Mary B said...

Whenever I feel low and blue, as if my writing will never matter and I'll forever live on the island of the unpublished, someone comes along and makes me profoundly pleased that at least I'm not a COMPLETE moron.


Jen said...

Good gawd, that was a stupid stunt. Why oh why do people do things like this? I guess perhaps a faint hope that the agent will be so impressed with either their "ingenuity" or their stellar prose that they it.

I don't get it. Well, I guess that guy can cross her off his list of agents to submit to. Permanently.

But I doubt he will.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mary. That wsa a total shoot yourself in the foot email.
hugs and happy holidays, sweetie